We are a fast growing, tried & tested network of digital learning agencies. Our brands create & deliver Digital Learning that drives Happy Professionals & Business Performance.

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Who are we

We are a full-service group of learning agencies. We’re both strategic and pragmatic: what matters to us is making a measurable impact for our clients through digital learning strategies and creative concepts. From learning strategy to fully customized academies and from experts to our innovative LXP. We create, design, develop, deliver and implement.

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Discover each of our brands: what makes them unique and what they create and deliver.


Digital learning agency

We design, create and deliver bespoke, smart, sustainable learning solutions with impact. Custom-made or using existing tools. For every device, every screen and every language. Always create concepts & content with end users in mind. Technology and topic agnostic.

Learning solutions


Digital Transformation courses

I.AMDIGITAL is preparing 1 million professionals for the digital transformation. To make both the individual as well as the organisations more agile and prepared for a #tech and #data future. An off-the-shelf blended curriculum is offered to make this happen.

Learning solutions


LXP Platform

Blocks LXP is the best of both worlds. We assemble your perfect platform with precisely the features you need based on our modular architecture. Tailored to your needs and with exactly the look and feel you and your users desire. Bespoke and fully customizable but with the advantages of already developed blocks. You can guess where we got our name from.

blocks. knocks off your socks.

Learning tech & data

National AI-course

Free AI-course

The AI-course is successfully filling the knowledge gap in the Netherlands (and Belgium) about AI’s impact through a free, easy-to-understand and interactive online course for all. Enabling anyone to understand the basics of artificial intelligence – the most radical, impactful technological development of our time. We are one of the initiators of this social project through our foundation.

Learning solutions


We have a unique set of experiences, knowledge and skills that we bring to the table. To make sure we can enable your professionals and businesses to grow.

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Learning campaigns

BBold means not just creating a solution but also providing a landing. Making the solution fly.

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Learning solutions

BBold is creating THE best digital learning solution for the end-user. It’s as simple as that...

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Learning experts

BBold is connecting the right people to the right assignment. Filling in the gaps, supporting and being of added value.

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Learning tech & data

BBold is about being on top of your game in this digital world. Using tech and data to improve learning solutions, the learning experience and the business performance.

Our manifest

We are bold. That’s in our DNA. We are ready to do things differently. Always. We are fully focussed to create impact.  Our approach is not cheeky, but it is daring. Just like our end-game: professionals with guts. Guts to learn. Guts to become the best you and to reach the ambitions and goals of the organisation. Being bold is infectious. Bold people grow and push boundaries. They open doors. Not only for themselves but especially for others. Being bold means being of true value. Are you ready to be at your best?

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Although we are all unique, we are united by one single conviction: BBold.

Creativity is by his nature an act of boldness. You are not accepting the status quo or conventional wisdom. You are playing with the very rules you have learned, experimenting and testing the boundaries. The world is dying for bolder ideas. 

We add magic to mastery to drive happy Professionals and Business performance. We create synergy by collaborating in an open-minded way, with curiosity for each other’s talents and views. If bold minds work together, anything is possible.

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